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About Us

This is Our Story

Prom King was founded in 2013 by Evelyn Alvarez. One day, a colleague asked her if she knew where she could obtain low cost dress clothes for her younger brother. The brother was starting high school and needed shirts and ties for his new school. His parents were paying for tuition, so money was scarce for clothes. A few months prior, Evelyn had been chatting with a friend and he mentioned he had many ties in his closet left over from his days at Rice High School. Soon after, Evelyn connected her colleague and her friend, and he gave her a bag of ties for her brother. The family was grateful, and the ties the brother didn’t use were sent to their native country in Africa. When Evelyn told her friend, she said “Look at that! Your ties went from the floor of a closet in Harlem to Africa. How cool is that!”

A few weeks later, Evelyn was invited to a wedding. The sitter canceled hours before, and she had to run out to buy a suit for her then six year old son. When she arrived to the store, she thought “wow! These are expensive! I only have one son. If I had three, someone would have to stay home.” The thought of someone’s child(ren) missing out on fun made her sad, so shortly after the wedding, she started collecting men’s and boys dress clothes from friends. She figured someone would need it at some point.

The word started getting out that she had clothes to donate, and the rest is history. Since then, she has donated over 500 suits, shirts, ties, shoes, purchased flowers for corsages, and paid for transportation to many proms and special events. As a result of her work, she is a recipient of the 2014 Hispanicize Positive Impact Award, and O Magazine’s 2015 De-Clutter for a Cause winner.